The 2nd Annual Inspiring Women of Iowa event celebrates inspiring and influential women in our community, with proceeds going to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. Our event honors three women, one in each of the following categories: Courage, Confidence and Character. Nominees can be anyone regardless of Girl Scout history – but they should be able to demonstrate that they have used courage, confidence or character in their daily lives. The nominees can be amazing artists, savvy business leaders or the unsung hero in our community. They could be your mentor, your sister or someone who has inspired you at some point in your life. We received over 80 nominations from the community for this year's event and are thrilled to celebrate our 12 finalists.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa.


Courage Award Winner

Jessica Dunker
President and CEO
Iowa Restaurant Association

Confidence Award WInner

Shayla McCormally
Owner and Attorney
Mccormally and Cosgrove

Character Award Winner

Georgia Sheriff
Assistant Director for Programs
Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University




Given to someone who has shown immeasurable courage. She has shown strength in the face of fear, pain or grief. She has persevered in the face of adversity and stood up for what is right.


Given to someone who continues to demonstrate confidence, a positive state of mind that guides her steps and actions. Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of her body and mind, and belief in her own ability, skills and experience.


Given to someone who has shown great character in their relationships and experiences. It is the quality of her actions when there is no apparent benefit to acting well. She has shown great integrity in how she treats herself and others.



Kirsten Anderson | Global Atlantic Financial Group
Shannon Archer | Polk County Attorney's Office
Teree Caldwell-Johnson | Oakridge Neighborhood
Melissa Clarke Wharff | Courage League Sports
Jessica Dunker | Iowa Restaurant Association
Majda Hadzic | Wells Fargo
Shayla McCormally | McCormally & Cosgrove
Keshia Meissner | Beacon of Life
Nancy Mwirotsi | PI 515
Janet Phipps Burkhead | State of Iowa
Rae Shanahan | Businessolver
Georgia Sheriff | Drake University


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